Judul : Implementation of JSON Parsing in Android-Based Information System
Abstrak : Information systems have been widely used as data representation in various platforms. Even so the method used to represent data in the application interface. Department of Informatics Engineering, Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung State Islamic University still uses the website as a medium for delivering information about the civitas. To adjust the development of the mobile era, this research aims to build a system that can be integrated into an Android-based device device, by taking data from the website and displaying it on an Android application, using a third-party API that will connect the website database via XML Parsing and then encode it into JSON data, after that the encoded data will be parsed using the HTTP Connection and JSON Parsing method through a third party, so the data that will be represented to the android application is in the form of JSON data.
Penulis : Tri Yulianto, Agung Wahana, Cecep Nurul Alam.
Keyword : Mobile Information Sistem, JSON Parsing, Android.
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